Labod Chiropractic Center
Robin Labod, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Robin Labod has had a lifelong interest in people and promoting healthy lifestyles.  I grew up in Michigan. Where my childhood was spent enjoying boating, swimming, fishing, camping in the forests and Great Lakes of Michigan.

  I am a chiropractor because helping people live life to the fullest is 

She attended school at Central Michigan University, then went to Ferris State where she received an Associate of Science degree in Radiography.        
Dr. Robin received her Doctorate at Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, GA after 4 years of study.

Dr. Robin has two flourishing  children, Tyler and Sarah. 
 Tyler is a graduate of La Cordon Bleu Culinary in Atlanta, Georgia, and works as a chef in Disney World.  Her daughter Sarah is a student at Coastal Carolina University.  

“I worked as an X-ray technologist and one day, when I was moving some heavy equipment, I injured my back and in retrospect, that was a good thing, because I discovered chiropractic care.  In the course of my treatment, I decided that this would be my life’s work and went back to school to become a chiropractor.”

 Dr. Labod moved the Carolina Coast because of  the ocean, beaches, and climate . Her office is conveniently located on highway 17  in Little River next to Casa Vila restaurant.   Labod Chiropractic Wellness Center is a warm, welcoming place that treats everyone from seniors to children for improved overall health, relief of pain from a variety of causes.   Families visit Dr. Robin and are sometimes greeted by Bently (a Shih Tsu) and Bandit (a happy combination of Yorkie, Pekinese, and Pomeranian). 

“I treat a range of people today, I have a passion for chiropractic hands on healing and for the people I help every day.” 

“I encourage exercise,  proper nutrition, positive mental attitude, stress reduction, and natural delta sleep .  I also help people stop smoking with cold laser treatment using specific points on the body which removes the physical craving.



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