Labod Chiropractic Center

" We pride ourselves on helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle."

Hands on healing with over
20 years experience. We encourage a healthy life style by getting regular chiropractic adjustments,exercise, and proper nutrition.

Our philosophy
A natural approach to wellness and pain management
Each situation and patient is unique.  We provide very personalized, skilled, gentle  hands-on chiropractic care, utilizing Diversified technique... both traditional and low force, Activator, Flexion Distraction, Drop tables, new Laser (FDA approved) for pain and inflammation, moist heat with electromuscle stimulation, licensed massage therapist on site full time.

Our commitment to results
When I work with you, I listen carefully and work carefully to reduce your  pain and improve your overall health and wellness. Most patients suffering from headaches, neck or back pain, stress conditions, dance /sports injury, asthma, sinus, TMJ ,and etc. ... discover their symptoms are significantly reduced. Chiropractic works!  If I can't help you I will refer you to a specialist who can.  

Our experience

I know the pain, challenges, and stress your body may experience. I injured my back many years ago and then decided, chiropractic would be my life's work.  It is my passion.

Get to know our approach

          1539 Hwy 17,           Little River, SC 29566

When you feel good, you can grab life by the reins!

Fax  843-249-9655
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